This online application form is for residential building only.
For commercial and industrial building, please complete the download form and send it to us by fax at 2827 0622 or by email to for underwriting approval. Upon receipt of your completed form, our customer services staff will contact you soon.
凡商業及工業樓宇,請填寫下載申請書並以傳真(傳真號碼: 2827 0622) 或電郵( 方式交回本公司批核承保。 收到閣下的申請書後,本公司客戶服務職員將盡快與閣下聯絡。
Use of Personal Data Circular 個人資料使用通告
Please click here to read 請按此詳閱
I have read and agreed with the Circular to Customers relating to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance - Use
       of Personal Data.
Please complete the form in English.  Shaded input fields must be completed.
Part I Insured's Personal Information 投保人個人資料
Title 稱謂  
Surname 姓
Given Name 名
Correspondence Address 通訊地址   Room 單位 Floor 層 Block 座
Building/Estate Name 大廈/ 屋苑名稱 

Street No.and Name 街道號數及名稱    

District 地區 

Territory 區域 
Email 電郵地址
Contact Telephone No. 聯絡電話   Mobile 手提     
Home 住宅      
Office 辦公室   
Fax No 傳真    
Insured's SHKP Club Membership No. (if applicable)*
投保人新地會會員編號 (如適用)*
Ordinary Member 普通會員   
Star Member 星級會員           
Part II Insurance Particulars 投保事項
Name of Property Owner(s) 業主名稱  
Insured Property Address(for Residential Only)
  Same as above 同上     Yes 是 No 答
(if not, please fill in below)
Room 單位/ Floor 層/ Block 座   Room 單位  Floor 層 Block 座
Building/ Estate Name 大廈/ 屋苑名稱  
Street No. & Name 街道號數及名稱  
District 地區  
Territory 區域  
Mortgagee 按揭銀行  
Mortgagee's Address 按揭銀行地址  
Mortgage Loan Number 按揭貸款編號  
1) What is the building category of the Insured Property?
  Government Public Housing Estate 政府公共屋邨
Private Residential Development/Building 私人屋苑/樓宇
Home Ownership Scheme 居者有其屋計劃之屋苑
2) Is the age of the building over 25 years?
  Yes 是No 否
3) Is the Insured Property a house/ Semi-detached House/ Village House?
投保物業是否獨立屋/ 半獨立屋/ 村屋 ?
  Yes 是No 否
4) Is the Insured Property located on ground level?
  Yes 是No 否
5) Have you made any claims on Fire Insurance and the like within the past 3 years?
  Yes 是No 否
6) Have you ever been declined for any new application, renewal or imposed special terms and conditions on Fire Insurance?
  Yes 是No 否
Part III Sum Insured & Coverage 保額及承保範圍
Sum Insured 保額 (HK$)**  
Annual Premium 全年保費 (HK$)***  
Levy 徵費 (HK$)
Premium plus Levy 保費及徵費 (HK$)
Covering 投保項目   On the building including landlord's fixtures
and fittings but excluding foundations and drains.
Insured Perils 受保風險   Fire; Aircraft dropped;
Earthquake; Explosion;
Riot & Strike; Malicious Damage;
Overflowing of Water Tanks; Typhoon;
Windstorm & Flooding; Bursting Pipes;
Landslide & Subsidence.
Period of Insurance 投保日期 (dd/mm/yyyy) 12 months from 12個月由 (dd/mm/yyyy) 開始
* SHKP Club member should be the Insured.
** Reinstatement cost of the building or mortgaged loan amount required by the Bank.
*** The minimum premium of the policy is HK$400.This sum is non-refundable even if the policy is subsequently
   本保單最低收費為 HK$400。倘若投保人於保單屆滿前退保,此保費將不獲退還。