This Plan provides you with the protection against your legal liability as an Employer under the Employees' Compensation Ordinance.


Employee Compensation Cover
If your domestic helper sustains bodily injury or death by accident or disease during the period of insurance and arising out of and in the course of his/her employment, we shall indemnify you against liability at law to pay compensation and claimant's costs and expense in respect of such injury/death will in addition pay all costs and expenses incurred with our written consent. The maximum indemnity for any one event is HK$100M.


Pneumoconiosis, nuclear energy and radiation, any late payment surcharge that the insured may become liable under the legislation.


This plan is applicable to domestic helper aged between 18 and 60 with full-time employment contract in Hong Kong.


HK$565.61 per domestic helper
* The annual premium includes 5.8% E. C. I. Levy, 3% Government Terrorism Facility charge, 2% Employees Compensation Insurer Insolvency Bureau and 0.1% Premium Levy.


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