If you have received our Renewal Notice and wish to renew your policy on the renewal offer per our Renewal Notice, please complete the form below.
To protect your interest, please review the insurance particulars carefully and thoroughly. If there is any change or update of insurance particulars, please notify us by email via cs-shkpi@shkp.com or contacting our Customer Services Staff at 2828 7886.
為保障閣下之利益,請於續保時小心覆核投保事項。如有更改,請以電郵(cs-shkpi@shkp.com)或致電客戶服務部2828 7886與本公司聯絡。
Please complete the form in English.
Part I: Policy Renewal Instruction 第一部分: 保單續保指示
Class of Insurance 保險類型   Householders Comprehensive 住戶綜合
Fire 火險
Accidental Damage (Property)
Personal Accident 個人意外
Employee Compensation 僱員補償
Annual Travel 全年旅遊保障
Please input Policy Number (No need to input '/') 請輸入保單編號英數部分 e.g FIPD202039999900
Current Policy Number 保單編號
Insured Name 受保人姓名
      Surname & Given Name 姓名  
Renewal Premium Amount 保費 (HK$)
Please pay this amount 請付此款項
Levy included 已包括保險徵費 (HK$)
Part II: Contact Information 第二部分: 聯絡資料
Email Address 電郵地址  
(You will receive our acknowledgemnt of your online payment through this email. 閣下將透過此電郵收到本公司的網上付款確認通知。)
Contact Telephone No. 聯絡電話   Home 住宅      
Mobile 手提     
Change of correspondence address?
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Room 單位/ Floor 層/ Block 座   Room 單位  Floor 層 Block 座
Building/Estate Name 大廈/屋苑名稱  
Street No. & Name 街道號數及名稱  
District 地區  
Territory 區域  
Part III: Declaration 第三部分: 聲明
We/ I hereby confirm our/my agreement to renew our/my above policy and accept the renewal terms offered by Sun Hung Kai Properties Insurance Limited and would pay the full renewal annual premium. We/I understand that the Company reserves the right to withdraw the renewal offer or revise the renewal terms should any claim occurs or be reported on or before the expiry date of the Policy and if we/I confirm this renewal after the policy expiry date, the renewal policy will be commenced from the date the Company receives and confirms our/my renewal application. 本人/吾等確認續保上述保單及接受新鴻基地產保險有限公司之續保條款,並支付全數續保年費。 本人/吾等明白如在保單到期日前有任何意外事故發生或事故報告,保險公司將保留不予續保或更改續保條件之權利。同時,本人/吾等同意如在保單屆滿後才確認續保,有關保險必須獲保險公司接受才生效。
Part IV: Use of Personal Data Circular 第四部分: 個人資料使用通告
Please click here to read 請按此詳閱
I have read and agreed with the Declaration and the Circular to Customers relating to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance - Use of Personal Data.    我已閱讀並同意上述聲明及新鴻基地產保險有限公司就個人資料(私隱)條例致客戶有關個人資料的通告。